If Everything is the Same, What’s Different?

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When advertising your products or services, it’s important to make yourself stand out from the crowd. If your offering looks like your competitor’s products or services, why would anyone feel compelled to choose yours?

Unfortunately, most businesses promote the obvious when telling prospects about their offerings. Phrases like “honest and reliable” state what everyone already expects. If customers have reason to believe you’re not honest, or that you don’t follow through with your commitments, they won’t pick you in the first place. So saying it isn’t likely to draw more customers to you.

How about ads that list all the products or services the company offers? Unless there is something truly groundbreaking on the list, aren’t they stating the obvious? If the company sells real estate, then saying that in the advertisement doesn’t add anything of substance, and it makes you look like everyone else.

Take a look at your own advertisements and website. Are you stating the obvious and blending in with the crowd? Or have you created an offer that jumps out to your customers and screams, “This is the company you want to buy from!” If your message isn’t giving you that kind of response from prospects, you probably look like everyone else and need to give your ads a makeover. Make sure that everywhere your company is introduced to prospects you have an offer that sets you apart from the rest.

—Kevin Herring

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