Innovation & Marketing = A Successful Business

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Recently, I had the great opportunity to attend a live Tony Robbins seminar called ‘Date with Destiny’. This was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity – being among 1,800 of the ‘movers and shakers’ in this world. While the content was mostly about drawing out the best inside of us, I had the chance to talk to a lot of business people and found a lot of parallels to running a healthy and thriving business.

A lot of the attendees were business owners, of which many were our equals – small to midsize business entrepreneurs. Many of them are successful to a high degree, even in a supposed ‘downer economy’. Some were owners of multi-national conglomerates worth billions of dollars. One of the most impressive things to me was that a common denominator was found for all those that succeeded. By the way, this is what some of those struggling were looking forward to hearing. The discussions came back to what has been taught for many years by one of the best business geniuses that ever lived – Peter Drucker. The key elements discussed in smaller groups came back to ‘Innovation & Marketing’ equaling business success. It was interesting to me that this simple formula still works as much as it did years ago, and yet, it is ignored most of the time.

  • Innovation
    The only way we can set ourselves apart from others in our industry or market is by creating products and services that are innovative and different. We must have a Unique Selling Proposition (sometimes called USP), even if we are in a commoditized industry. Here are 3 quick ideas about how to add innovation:

    • Real Innovation
    • Added Services Innovation
    • Exclusive services or systems Innovation


  • Marketing
    We need to avoid the ‘2 Common Marketing Mistakes’ (Please view our video from the home page). We must create marketing messages that speak to the customers’ real needs and wants. These needs and wants are their reasons for buying, not ours. When crafting marketing campaigns, the message we give our future buyers is the most important ingredient, then a comprehensive marketing strategy that combines the best of online (internet marketing, web site, emails etc.) and offline (mailers, brochures, flyers etc.) marketing techniques.

I hope these ideas give you a bit of food for thought. Maybe you should pick up a book from Peter Drucker. We recommend ‘The Essential Drucker’ or ‘The Drucker Lectures: Essential Lessons on Management, Society and Economy’. Both offer excellent summaries on his work over 60 years. Another idea might be to call us for the delivery of a copy of my book ‘The 7 Secrets to Dominate Your Market’ or sign up for the next one of our live seminars. Either way, resolve to do something in both pillars of business success.

All the best,

Thomas Eberhard,

The # 1 Marketing Success Coach –

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