Two Ways Your Website Is Losing Sales

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You probably don’t realize it, but your website isn’t a neutral brochure just waiting to capture the right customer. It is either actively gaining you sales, or it’s losing them. In most cases, your website is losing them. Here are two reasons why.

Over 60% of internet searches are no longer being done on the home PC or laptop. Instead, people are using iPads and mobile phones. If your website isn’t set up to size properly on these devices, would-be customers can’t find you, your phone number, your address, or any other information they’re trying to find.

In the case of iPads and similar devices, in order for your website to show up in a way that makes it easy for people to see and navigate your site, it has to be mobile-friendly, or mobile-responsive. Since these screens usually have high resolution and a large enough screen, those looking for you should be able to access most everything you provide on your website, if it’s mobile-friendly or mobile-responsive. If not, they will be looking elsewhere.

Mobile phones are another matter, altogether, however. Even though a mobile-friendly or mobile-responsive website can resize for a mobile phone screen, the screen is so small it will display your website in extremely long columns with tiny print that will be difficult, if not impossible, to read. Navigating the entire site on the tiny screen will be frustrating as well.

It’s also important to recognize that mobile phone users aren’t searching your website for the kind of information it provides. They are actually using their phones as a defacto Yellow Pages. Do you remember those? They used to list local businesses with their phone numbers and addresses. Now, that’s a function of a phone-initiated internet search. So mobile users want only the basics like phone number and address, and maybe product availability and cost.

Some well-meaning friends may tell you that a mobile-friendly website is good enough for your potential customers. Those are the same people that probably told you you would never need a website. The truth is, there is only one way to have a website that works properly on a mobile phone and that is to create a separate website called a mobile website that has it’s own hosting service. It will be relatively inexpensive to create, but you will have to search engine optimize (SEO) your mobile site separately. At some point, just like websites, every business will have one. Until then, those without one will continue to lose business to those 60% of would-be customers who simply can’t find them or who give up trying because you’ve simply make it too hard for them to succeed.

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