Why Don’t Your Ads Get Traction?

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The bottom line with advertising messages is: WEAK MESSAGE=WEAK AD.

Dull, unimaginative, and trite phrases don’t grab people. In particular, I’m including the fact that there’s nothing compelling about bragging rights as to who has been around the longest even though you see companies leaning on this phrase in nearly every advertising medium. The reality is, it’s something almost nobody cares about.

Saying you’re the best doesn’t cut it either. Everyone can say that and who’s to say they aren’t? Putting out the same weak ads in your campaigns is a waste of money and a drain on your resources week after week.

On the other hand, surprisingly bold, new, and exciting offerings attract attention. That’s why your ads should tell people what you provide that nobody else does, and it should be something that matters to them. We’re not talking about things like good service, standard guarantees, and friendly staff. You should be doing those things already, and so should everyone else. Emphasizing it to potential customers doesn’t make them believe it more.

No, if you want your ads to capture attention in a way that consistently lands you customers, you need to have a deal maker or deal breaker to tell people about. Deal makers are offers that communicate that you’re the hands-down obvious choice for what they’re looking for. Deal breakers are offers that tell buyers it makes no sense to buy from your competitors. Either way, the offer is so compelling that your prospects feel the decision is made for now and forever to buy from you.

Now go back and check out your advertising messages. If you can’t think of how to state your offer in a compelling way without resorting to attention getters that have nothing to do with your products or services, you probably need a more innovative offer. A strong offer that’s relevant to your prospects doesn’t need gimmicks. When you give your prospects deal makers or deal breakers to make them want to buy from only you because you’re the obvious choice, they won’t need anymore convincing.

—Kevin Herring

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